Unleashing the Power of LiDAR and Drone Data
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Transform your enterprise with the transformative power of LiDAR technology and drone data. Streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and unlock new possibilities with Globhe's platform.
Emilia Nygren
Head of PR & Communications
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Transform large enterprises: Unleash the power of LiDAR and drone data with Globhe's streamlined platform

In the fast-paced world of business, large enterprises constantly seek innovative technologies to gain a competitive edge. Discover the power of LiDAR technology combined with Globhe's streamlined platform for ordering drone data. Explore the benefits of LiDAR for large enterprises and learn how Globhe's platform simplifies the process of accessing drone data, optimizing operations, and empowering data-driven decision-making.

Unveiling the power of LiDAR

LiDAR, a revolutionary remote sensing technology, generates highly detailed three-dimensional data. By emitting laser pulses and measuring reflections, LiDAR systems create precise point clouds, providing invaluable environmental insights across various industries, including construction, infrastructure management, and agriculture.

Enhanced data accuracy and precision

LiDAR technology ensures exceptional accuracy and precision, enabling large enterprises to make well-informed decisions. With high-resolution data, enterprises can perform precise measurements, empowering effective planning, design, and analysis. Leverage LiDAR's level of detail to identify crucial features and patterns that drive data-driven strategies.

Time and cost efficiency

LiDAR significantly reduces the time and resources required for large-scale data collection. Drones equipped with LiDAR sensors efficiently capture vast amounts of data, minimizing the need for manual collection. This streamlined approach enhances cost efficiency and makes large-scale projects economically viable for enterprises.

Enhanced safety and risk mitigation

LiDAR-equipped drones offer a safe alternative for data collection in hazardous environments, mitigating risks and ensuring worker safety. By enabling remote data acquisition, LiDAR minimizes potential dangers associated with manual inspections in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. Embrace this technology for a secure data collection process.

Globhe's platform

Simplifying drone data acquisition

Globhe, a trusted provider of drone data solutions, offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the ordering process for drone data, including LiDAR-based information. Seamlessly integrating drone data into enterprise workflows, Globhe's platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Streamlined ordering process

Accessing drone data is effortless with Globhe's user-friendly platform. Enterprises can easily specify their requirements, including data formats, resolution, and delivery timelines. This streamlined process eliminates complexities associated with traditional data acquisition methods, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery. Experience a hassle-free ordering process today.

Quality assurance and data processing

Globhe's platform upholds the highest quality standards for collected data. Rigorous quality assurance processes verify data accuracy and reliability. Advanced data processing techniques transform raw LiDAR point clouds into actionable insights, empowering effective decision-making. Trust in the accuracy and reliability of the data you receive.

Integration with existing systems

Seamless integration of drone data into existing enterprise systems maximizes its value. Globhe's platform offers easy integration capabilities, enabling enterprises to incorporate collected data into their workflows, software, and analytics platforms. Effortlessly utilize insights derived from LiDAR data to drive innovation across departments and projects.


Unlock the potential of LiDAR technology and Globhe's streamlined platform for ordering drone data. Empower large enterprises to optimize operations, drive data-informed decision-making, and stay ahead of the competition. Leverage the precision and efficiency of LiDAR to transform your enterprise into an industry leader. Experience the benefits today and take the next step towards data-driven success. Contact us for a demo and explore the possibilities.

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