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Our latest feature release revolutionizes data accessibility, visualization, and sharing. With organized delivery flows, immersive 360 panoramas, and seamless Mapbox integration, we enhance your data experience. Accelerate insights and streamline workflows across sectors. Embrace our latest release and revolutionize how you work with data.
Emilia Nygren
Head of PR & Communications
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Platform Update 4.2.2

Accessing and visualizing data efficiently is crucial for companies today. Globhe’s mission is to make it easier for you to get accurate insights through drone data and make the right decisions. We are excited to announce our latest product feature, revolutionizing data retrieval, visualization, and sharing. 

Our new feature introduces a new delivery flow and integration structure. Data deliverables are now conveniently grouped in folders based on client requests, ensuring easy access and faster insights. Manual downloads are reduced, allowing you to analyze data and make informed decisions efficiently. Share the download page with non-technical colleagues, granting them direct access to 360 panoramas through the Globhe platform. Quick previews facilitate collaboration and decision-making without additional software.

360 Panoramas: A New Dimension in Data Visualization

View 360 panoramas directly on our platform, eliminating the need for separate panorama viewers or software. This breakthrough feature saves time and simplifies data comprehension, and Non-technical colleagues can engage with the data effortlessly.

Seamless Integration with Mapbox

For Mapbox users, our feature release provides seamless integration. Access your maps directly on our platform without downloading the integration. Send maps instantly to your Mapbox account via our API, bypassing upload limits and enhancing visualization and collaboration.

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