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Platform update 4.5.0 Introducing Enterprise Accounts

We're thrilled to roll out a new platform update that's all about making your drone data orders smoother than ever. Our tech team has been working their magic behind the scenes, and we're excited to introduce you to our latest addition: Enterprise Accounts! 🚀

We understand that our large enterprise clients have unique needs and requirements when it comes to managing drone data orders. That's why we've been hard at work developing comprehensive tools that make the process easier than ever. We continue to break the status quo in the drone data market, and today we are very proud to bring you another one of those updates.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of what the update brings:

Empowering Collaboration and Team Management

With the introduction of Enterprise Accounts, we are putting the reins of collaboration firmly in your hands. You now have the ability to create enterprise accounts and seamlessly invite team members to a shared workspace. This feature is tailored to enhance teamwork by simplifying communication and coordination of your drone data missions.

Structured Hierarchy for Efficient Management

We have implemented a clear two-tier hierarchy for enterprise accounts: Enterprise Admins and Members. This hierarchy ensures a systematic approach to managing your enterprise, with exclusive authority vested in Enterprise Admins to manage member composition. This allows for efficient delegation of responsibilities and streamlined control.

Seamless Access through “My Team”

The “My Team” option, accessible from the profile icon in the upper corner, opens the gateway to your enterprise features. It allows you to effortlessly access and establish teams, simplifying the management of missions and projects.

Central Repository for Documents

To enhance data organization, the platform now features a dedicated document repository within the "My Team" section. Every member, including GLOBHE administrators, can upload relevant documents, contributing to a centralized information hub. Document deletion privileges are reserved for GLOBHE administrators and Enterprise Admins, ensuring data integrity.

Enhanced API Efficiency

Our API structure has undergone refinement. When veteran users join an enterprise, their existing API keys are replaced with a consolidated enterprise API key. This ensures harmonized API usage within the enterprise while upholding stringent security measures.

Enhanced Administrative Insight

A new “Enterprise/Client” section within the GLOBHE admin login offers a lucid overview of enterprise-client associations. This addition serves as a focal point for efficient tracking and management of enterprises and clients.

Personalized Currency Options

Enterprise Admins now possess the authority to select preferred currencies for project/mission quotes. This dynamic feature brings currency customization to the forefront, accommodating diverse enterprise financial preferences.

Simplified Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

For new clients, the acceptance of our terms and conditions is a pivotal step towards platform exploration. This streamlined process ensures alignment with crucial policies from the outset.

Direct Interface with Drone Data Experts

By our "Contact Sales" feature, a direct line of communication with our sales team. This channel expedites specific inquiries, providing a seamless interface for engaging with our experts.

The advent of Globhe's Enterprise Accounts underscores our commitment to furnishing enterprise clients like you with a nuanced and technically refined platform for managing drone data orders. We encourage you to delve into these enhancements and eagerly await your valuable insights.

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