Premium Membership Terms & Conditions



The Globhe product-specific terms and conditions for Premium Memberships are intended to highlight the important TERMS FOR THE USE OF our different membership options. The product-specific terms form part of the Globhe General Terms of Conditions which you find at are hereby incorporated therein.

If you are using any of the Membership Plans as described below, the terms corresponding to those Plan(s) apply to your use. We periodically update this page by posting a revised copy at, so please check back here for current information.


  1. An “order” constitutes an instance where you either request data to be collected through a custom one-time order, or as a part of the premium membership, or it is a purchase of existing data in the Globhe data library. These Product Specific Terms and conditions for Premium Membership apply only to our membership plans. Our general Terms and Conditions apply also to the purchase of existing data from the Data library and to single one-time orders and is regulating the Order terms & conditions.
  2. “Data delivery” means the successful uploading of drone data by the drone operators of drone data collected with instructions from the order onto Globhe servers or other relevant premises for final transfer to the ordering party.
  3. “Drone Operators” means Globhe´s crowddroners engaged by Globhe to collect the data.
  4. “Crowddroners” means Globhe´s contracted drone operators to collect the data
  5. “Quota limit” refers to the maximum quantity allowed for each Premium Membership plan
  6. “Plans” means Premium Membership plans and come in Small, Medium and Large tiers, each with it specific benefits.
  7. “Transaction fee” refers to the fee paid for requesting services from Globhe

Globhe Premium Membership Fees

  1. Globhe offers three Premium Membership Plans: Small, Medium, and Large and each plan offers different benefits to the user. Read about those here:
  2. By selecting a premium membership plan you agree to pay an annual advance membership fee for access to Globhe’s marketplace and significantly reduced transaction fees. It is your sole responsibility to create the orders that will be delivered to you.
  3. Each Premium Membership plan contains a predetermined usage limit. The usage limit depends on the Membership plan and may be subject to change without notice at any time at the sole discretion of Globhe.
  4. Different plans have different transaction fees. For current transaction fees, please visit

Globhe Premium Transaction Fees

  1. Globhe’s charges a transaction fee on orders through the Globhe platform based on the invoiced amount from the Drone Operator(s) performing the service requested through the Globhe platform. 
  2. All Transaction fees are paid NET30 (if nothing else have been agreed upon separately) and is added to the invoice for the requested service through the Globhe Marketplace.

Usage limitations

  1. If you reach your maximum usage limit within your membership plan during your membership period, you may order any additional data by either buying a single one-time order (with a higher transaction fee of between 30-50%) or upgrading the premium membership plan tier. We may invoice you for any use in excess of your maximum usage limit. 
  2. Your usage plans for each month will not be transferred and “saved” to forthcoming months. 
  3. All timings are CET timezone

Individual pricing, on-demand

Should any of the pre-existing offered membership plans not suit your needs, we offer on-demand drone data collection and services with a transaction fee between 30-50%.


The last update to these Product Specific Terms and Conditions was made on 2024-06-20