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All about flying with GLOBHE

As a drone operator, you are used to flying your drone all the time. But how does it work when you are a Crowddroner at GLOBHE? Here we will provide answers to some of the questions.

How many flights will I take on?

The number of flights will vary depending on when and where we get requests from our clients. We are working on getting global requests, but some countries are more frequent than others. Meanwhile, you can always fly and upload generic data to the marketplace. We might have clients who are interested in this data and in this case, they might buy it.

Do I have to take on a flight? What if I am not available?

You decide if you can take on a mission by replying to the email and mission invitation alert we send out when we get a request for a location near you. If you cannot take on the mission, decline the request. Hopefully, you can take on the next one or the next.

Note that If you accept the mission and sign the contract, then you are legally entitled to fly and capture the data. We automatically send out a contract to sign once you accept a mission invitation.

What if my country does not have regulations for drone flying?

You can check here if your country has an official regulatory framework for drone flying. If it's not the case, you should still get in touch with local authorities to gain permission to fly and follow the Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct. As Crowddroner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are allowed to fly and that you follow the local regulations.

Do I have to have a registered company to sign up as Crowddroner?

To be able to take on paid gigs, the short answer is yes. However, if you don’t have your own company, you can register with companies like Cool Company so that you can invoice GLOBHE without having your own company. No registered company is needed to fly unpaid volunteer missions as long as you still have valid insurance and all legal permissions to fly required by law in the country of operation.

Is there a fixed sum that Crowddroners get paid?

No. It depends on the mission scope, requirements, location, and client price. Crowddroners always get paid a portion of the client's price. When you get invited to a mission, you can choose the rate you wish to have for that mission. Note that other operators are also invited to the mission and they might have other rates. So choose your rate carefully so that you are competitive and increase your chances of being assigned to the mission. Sometimes, the drone operator price is included in the mission alerts sent out to drone operators to accept or decline. In this case, you simply need to show your interest and a GLOBHE admin will assign you the mission later. Drone operators invoice GLOBHE after uploading the data, with 30-days payment terms.


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