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How to take good care of the drone's LiPo batteries

The operator should consult the manufacturer's User Manual to ensure proper handling of the batteries for their system. The UAS platforms in the Crowddroning network are typically LiPo battery-powered drones.

Most LiPo batteries may be considered “smart batteries” which charge easily and discharge when not in use for an extended period of time. However, you should never leave a charging battery unsupervised or store batteries fully charged. It is recommended to store them at 30% when not in use.

LiPo batteries are dangerous goods and must be treated at all times with care and caution. All batteries should be marked or labeled with an identification to help track the health of the battery over time in a battery logbook.

Batteries not in use should be stored in a cool and dry place, never in direct sunlight or around a heat source. We recommend a fireproof container such as a LiPo bag or a metal ammo box. During charge, batteries should be monitored and not left plugged in longer than it takes to reach maximum charge. After fully charging, the battery should be stored safely in a dry and fireproof container.

In transport, batteries should be stored safely in a fireproof container or a LiPo bag, a travel case may suffice short term but holds risk as it is not fireproof - better safe than sorry. Be cautious with batteries and handle them with care, do not intentionally let a battery drop to the ground or get hit with an impact.

During a mission, batteries should be kept in the shade and in a dry place. A newly used battery should be left in a cool place to cool down and then stored safely after the flight.

If a LiPo battery starts to swell, crack or become puffy, do not use it - dispose of it properly and recycle the battery per local regulations.

If a LiPo battery catches fire, a class D fire extinguisher should be used - LiPo batteries are classified as a chemical fire and the fumes are extremely dangerous to your health. If a battery is on fire, protect your respiratory health, and do not inhale the smoke and fumes.


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