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Emergency Checklist

How to act in case of emergency during a Crowddroning flight

In-Flight Emergency

Prepared to respond appropriately in case of the following scenarios:

  • Drone/RC/GPS loss
  • Hardware or software malfunction (i.e. propeller loss, overheated component, bug in latest update version, etc.)
  • Sudden change in environment (i.e. unexpected wind gusts/weather, uninvolved people/cars in area, other emergency not related to mission)
  • Aircraft/battery fire (Carry a bucket of sand)

In case of a Crash Event

❑ Safety first, everyone around safety checked

❑ Status of the drone checked

❑ Drone turned off if safe to do

❑ Eventual first aid procedure followed and performed (if harmed people)

❑ Crash event and damages reported following local drone incident regulations (proof of insurance on hand)

❑ Photo/videos and flight logs from the incident collected

In case of Injury

❑ Injury and eventual treatment assessed (if necessary)

❑ Help and emergency called (if necessary)

❑ Injury reported to local authorities (if necessary)

❑ Severe injury* or unfit to continue mission reported to GLOBHE

*Any injury that results in the need for urgent care must be reported to GLOBHE and to the applicable authorities as required in your country of operation. It is the responsibility of the pilot to be equipped and prepared in the field. This includes taking into consideration local risks in the operational environment, such as dangerous animals and extreme heat/cold.

Emergency responses

Loss of control / Transmitter failure

Following the settings of the drone, the drone will likely return to home (RTH) if GPS is available. If the return to home is not activated, maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) of the aircraft and try reconnecting the transmitter or clear an area for the drone to safely come down.

Accidental interference with frequency

The drone will likely enter the return-to-home (RTH) mode, if not it shall be treated as a fly-away. Maintain visual line of sight of the drone and try to track it until it has landed. Incidents must be investigated and reported.

Loss of Power / Battery failure of drone

The drone may crash, so try to ensure the area is clear and announce the failure if others are involved in the operation. The drone may give a warning before the failure. In that case, you must land the aircraft immediately and remedy the failure before attempting to fly again.

Operator is incapacitated

If a crew or an observer is available, they must follow the orders from the pre-flight briefing to take control and land the drone or activate return to home.

Aircraft incursion

If another aircraft approaches your operations area, you must give way to the other aircraft. Control the height by descending and stay clear from collusion.

Propeller or motor failure

May result in an uncontrolled descent, maintain visual and ensure the area is clear for landing. Announce the failure.

Electronic failure

May result in an uncontrolled descent. Maintain visual line of sight and ensure the area is clear for landing, announce the failure.

Fly Away

Attempt to regain control, maintaining visual. Try switching modes to ATTI and see if you have manual control. Attempt the return to home (RTH) function. Attempt turning off/on the transmitter.

Fire in the air

If control is possible, land immediately and prevent the spread of flame using a fire extinguisher, sand, or blanket.

Fire on the ground

If an appropriate fire extinguisher is available, use it - otherwise allow the battery fire to burn out and prevent further spread using a fire extinguisher, sand, or blanket.

Collision with wildlife, structure, debris in the air

Monitor the drone and land immediately where safe, check the condition of the drone and take note of the incident.

Loss of visual line of sight with the drone

Attempt to locate the drone by navigating the GCS information, otherwise adjusting ascent if possible, repositioning yourself, and listening for the drone.


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