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General operating standards

When GLOBHE receives a data request, the scope is defined and the requirements of the mission are outlined to determine what type of equipment, skills, resources, and planning is necessary to fulfill the mission. A local operator from the Crowddroning network is vetted and assigned to the mission and continues the planning phase together with GLOBHE.

Below is an outline of the general operating procedures for GLOBHE operators to follow throughout all operations:

  • All operations must be planned, approved, and verified together before commencing
  • The drone(s) will be operated in accordance with the operator guidelines, checklists, and specific documents as required depending on the drone operation
  • Safety first is the core principle throughout all operations on the ground and in the air
  • All operations must comply with drone local regulations and within the limitations of obtained permissions, if applicable
  • Emergency procedures and safety briefings must be followed and applied throughout every operation
  • Limitations set forth by regulation or drone specifications must be obliged at all times
  • Risk mitigation should always be completed as detailed as possible and verified before the operation begins


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones

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