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GLOBHE standard way of flying

All drone data GLOBHE provides to clients must comply with our high-quality standards. Here you find our guide to help you fly your drone(s) safely and efficiently for every mission while achieving optimal quality, resolution, and accuracy. This will reduce any possible delays in payments to you, while also making our clients happy.

The GLOBHE standard way of flying ensures rapid, efficient drone mapping for the majority of missions while capturing high-resolution data. This includes:

Flying Recommendations

Tips to ensure a safe and successful drone operation:

  • Always have a plan of action in place in case of potential disruptions. You must learn to fly safely before you shoot or program a mission
  • Always check the no-fly zones to be sure the area you want to fly is not restricted (i.e. near an airport or military zone
  • Always fly legally – check your national and local drone regulations before every mission
  • Always keep the drone in visual line-of-sight (VLOS). Have at least one observer with you for this
  • Remember weather conditions can impact drone missions. When possible, fly in warmer, drier, calm conditions. Avoid windy conditions and bad weather. Be mindful of the sun. Plan your mission to reduce or avoid shadow, overexposure, or underexposure. Monitor the weather before and during the mission. Avoid flying if the weather is or becomes bad
  • Know your drone. Explore all camera settings of your drone. Set them according to the day’s conditions during pre-flight. In order to make the images useful we need to avoid: motion blur, out-of-focus, over- or under-exposed images, and too much grain obscuring important details. You can follow these guidelines: Always use Auto-focus, and ensure you have the optimal exposure settings (Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO), motion blur occurs when the shutter speed is below 1/250, if in doubt use Shutter priority mode (S), if needed use the auto settings, check histograms for over- or under-exposure, double-check the first images for motion blur



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