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How do I order data from Crowddroning by GLOBHE?

Step-by-step guide to order data in a few clicks

Requesting earth observation data captured by drones has never been easier. Below you can find details on how to do that with ease.

At GLOBHE, you can either order pre-existing data from our data library or task drones, placing an order for a personalized solution.

Tasking drones: Order through the client portal

You can order custom drone data through the client portal. Sign up as a client for free and order data from inside your page. By doing so, you can follow up on your order's updates much easier, see your previous orders, and purchase plans to order data regularly:

  • Choose a name for your order
  • Fill in the product details by selecting the kind of data that you need such as 2D orthomosaic maps, 3D models, etc. More information about the available products here
  • Write your deadline
  • Choose the area you want data from by drawing a polygon around the area of interest. You will see a box detailing the estimated capture time and price of this data
  • Alternatively, you can upload a .kml file that contains the area of interest
  • Describe why you need this data and if you have any requirements. Understanding the use case allows us to decide how this data will be captured and to communicate with the local drone operator. Therefore be precise so that we can start capturing the data as soon as possible

And that's it 🙌

Now you will receive a quote from GLOBHE to accept or decline. Once you accept, your order will become active and a drone operator will start acquiring the data for you.

Having multiple sites or assets to map? Place a project order

If you want to inspect hundreds of assets (like telecom towers, wind turbines, powerlines) or want to map multiple sites or very large areas, then you should place a project order. This will allow you to add to your order thousands of individual sites in seconds, follow up on the progress, and monitor the status of your project in a dedicated dashboard.

From the dashboard, you just need to create a new project, adding the technical details (like location, deadline, and data type). You will then be able to either upload a CSV with the multiple locations of your assets or a KML with multiple sites to be mapped. The dedicated dashboard will look like this:

Ordering pre-existing data from our drone data library

To order pre-existing data from GLOBHE, log in to the client portal. From your dashboard, you can access our data library, with a map showing all the existing data immediately available for purchase through the Crowddroning community. Select the data type, scroll in, and view the datasets you want. There you will see the relevant information about the data such as location, geographic area, data size, unit price, and total cost. You can download a sample image to get a feeling of the data and then proceed to checkout to receive your data.

Easy. As it should be 🚀


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones

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