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In-Flight Checklist

Make sure to follow the Pre-Flight Checklist before following this.


❑ Remote Controller (RC) and aircraft turned on

❑ Antennas on Remote Controller (RC) extended (if needed)

❑ Drone and RC battery fully charged

❑ Compass, IMU, and gimbal calibrated

❑ Optimal camera settings checked

❑ Flight settings adjusted (mapping: height, overlap, area, etc.)

❑ Drone safety settings checked (RTH altitude, obstacle avoidance on/off, geofencing on/off, etc.)

❑ Signal/satellite coverage checked

❑ Correct flight mode set

❑ Take-off area clear

❑ Visual observer(s) in position

❑ Take-off initiation communicated


❑ Hover check performed (all controls responsive)

❑ Mission started*

* Monitor flight and surroundings until safely landed, maintain VLOS and clear communication with the flight crew and visual observer(s)


❑ Landing area clear

❑ Landing initiation communicated

❑ Safe landing performed

❑ Propellers properly stopped

❑ Aircraft then Remote Controller (RC) turned off

❑ Air Traffic Control (ATC) notified (if needed)

❑ Battery/equipment properly cooled down (if hot)

❑ LiPo batteries properly stored in safe container or LiPo bag (not exposed to sun)


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones

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