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Post-Flight Checklist

Make sure to follow the In-Flight Checklist before following this.

In the field

❑ Equipment packed up

❑ Area clean and without trash (leave the field cleaner than you found it!)

❑ GLOBHE notified in case of issues/difficulties during mission

❑ Incidents/accidents report sent to GLOBHE:, local regulations checked for other eventual reports needed

❑ Quick quality-check of the data acquired performed

❑ Second flight (in case data is not OK)

Back at Office

❑ In-depth quality check of the data performed

❑ Data organized, stored, and categorized on the PC

❑ Data processed into specific product(s) (if required by mission)

❑ Data uploaded in Crowddroning platform (specific mission)

❑ GLOBHE notified in case of issues in processing/uploading data

❑ Invoice uploaded in Crowddroning platform


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones

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