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Pre-flight checklist

Operator Routines

  • Safety first!
  • Maintain VLOS of drone
  • Know your drone and surroundings
  • Keep area clear for landing
  • Communicate clearly to the flight crew and people around
  • Always stay cool, calm, and collected
  • Follow procedures by your drone manufacturer
  • Keep GLOBHE informed

Recommended pack list

  • Drone & Remote Controller (RC)
  • Min. 2 batteries
  • Extra power source for
  • Batteries/tablet/phone
  • ID and phone
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency contact info (police, hospitals, etc.)
  • PPE (vest, sunglasses, helmet, etc.)
  • Proof of license/authorizations
  • Landing pad for wet/dusty/uneven ground
  • Anemometer
  • Bucket of sand
  • Binoculars
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant

Day Before Mission

Site survey completed (in person, Google Earth, no-fly zones, etc.)

❑ Community sensitization/outreach

❑ Mission planned (in the drone flying app)

❑ Risks and mitigation measures identified (i.e. trees, buildings, people, other aircraft, etc.)

❑ The weather forecast and current winds checked

Authorization to fly from aviation authority in place and up-to-date

❑ Flight crew and visual observer(s) properly informed

❑ Space on SD card/internal storage checked

❑ Latest software updates (drone, app) checked

❑ Drone and remote controller (RC) batteries, tablet, and phone charged

❑ Equipment including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packed

IMSAFE checked

❑ Ready to fly with GLOBHE confirmed

In the Field

❑ The equipment was inspected and is in good condition

❑ Take-off area identified (at least 30m/100ft from obstacles but may vary depending on country regulations)

❑ Batteries and SD card inserted

❑ The camera lens is undamaged and clean

❑ Arms and propellers mounted, undamaged and clean

Weather conditions checked

IMSAFE checked (sober from alcohol, drugs, and heavy medications)


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones
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