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Site Survey Checklist

How to perform a site survey before a Crowddroning flight

Before a drone operation is carried out, the flight shall be planned and prepared using sources such as aeronautical piloting charts, to determine which type of airspace the flight will be carried out in. The flight shall otherwise be planned using other required information and documentation such as AIP, AIP Supplement, NOTAM, and information from local authorities so that the flight can be carried out in a safe way within the conditions by the relevant authorities of that country.

Air Control

❑ Air space type and permission needed to fly in the area verified

No-fly zones checked

❑ Eventual nearby airports, heliports or military zones identified

❑ Eventual nearby aerial activities identified (model airplane clubs, skydiving or parachuting facilities, other drones, etc.)

❑ Climate and weather risks identified (i.e. high winds, gusts, high/low temperatures, humidity, icing, etc.)

❑ Eventual radio frequency disturbances in the area identified (i.e. issues caused by large metal objects like cell towers, wind turbines, buildings, wi-fi, and cellular intense environments, etc.)

❑ Eventual special events or local holidays during mission in the area checked

Ground Control

❑ Tall objects in area identified (i.e. trees, buildings, bridges, powerlines, poles, etc.)

❑ Type of environment identified (i.e. urban, city, village, rural, etc.)

❑ Sensitive infrastructure nearby or restricted zones identified (i.e. power plants, prisons, military bases, protected forests/areas, etc.)

❑ Eventual explosive or flammable materials nearby identified (i.e. from gas stations, fuel tanks, etc.)

❑ Potentially harmful animals present in the area identified (i.e. venomous animals, wild boars, bears, predatory birds, etc.)


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