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What is it like to be a Crowddroner for GLOBHE?

Being a Crowddroner is the future of drone operations. If you own a drone and are certified to fly, then you can easily start helping clients and getting paid gigs by taking missions nearby where you live.

As a drone operator, you can now use your drone to truly help the environment, capture essential data about the world, and deliver this data to clients in need so they can take decisions and make the world a better place.

What kind of data do I capture?

GLOBHE's clients are interested in a wide variety of data. From orthomosaics, videos, 360 panoramas, and more. If you have primarily used your drone in the past for photography and creating content, you can now expand your skills by doing so much more, like mapping. Signing up is quick and easy. Even without any experience in mapping before, you can get help from GLOBHE to undertake your mission smoothly by following the latest technologies in the drone industry. Have a look at the GLOBHE Crowddroning products.

Making money

With GLOBHE gig economy model, you can make money in two ways:

  1. You can upload your data to GLOBHE's data library so clients in need can buy your existing data in case they are interested in it and if it fits their needs
  2. Fly a mission. If clients want custom data, you get invited to a mission if the location is nearby your place. Review the mission details and fee, show your interest, and then you can get the mission if you have the proper equipment and skills.
    Note that you should fill out your profile and add all the needed details so that the system can invite you automatically to the mission.

Check out the video below for more details.


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