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What's Crowddroning by GLOBHE?

An introductory guide

Thanks for joining Crowddroning by GLOBHE! Together we can make the world a better place with drones. By completing your drone operator profile, you’ll become eligible for paid missions and become a part of the global gig economy. It’s a win-win!

Here's the Globhe Drone zone.

Still wondering what Crowddroning by GLOBHE is and how it works? Watch the video!


Margherita Bruscolini
Head of Drones
AI pricing

GAIA - Globhe AI assistant

With tens of thousands of quotes, missions, flights, and drone data collection related intel, we just launched our newest feature. Get pricing estimates, and get instant feedback on pricing intel on your mission from the world's leading marketplace for drone data.

Ask the Globhe AI pricing assistant

Task a drone

Access over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries collecting high-resolution drone data. Custom drone data on-demand at your fingertips.
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