Maximize agricultural productivity and unlock unparalleled insights with Globhe's platform.

By offering real-time, high-resolution aerial information, our platform empowers farmers with invaluable knowledge for precision agriculture, optimizing yields, and monitoring crop health.

Experience the efficiency of our ready-to-fly global coverage of skilled local drone operators, accelerating projects by up to 80% and simplifying data collection for any drone data needs.

Crop count

Globhe can provide data to understand plant size, plot statistics and stand number, or compromised plots and planter skips.

Plant status 

Understand crop height and vegetation leaf area. Easy anomaly detection and treatment efficiency, infestations detection, and data for phenology.

Irrigation status

Understand irrigation damage status or plant water levels. Get data to monitor your irrigation status and planning. Reduce costs and save time.

Benefits of Globhe for farmers

Transform your agriculture practices with Globhe's advanced drone data collection platform. Enhance crop management, livestock monitoring, and precision farming for increased yields and sustainable operations.

Crop Monitoring and Management:

Real-time monitoring of crop health, growth, and pest control for proactive interventions. Optimize resource allocation, irrigation, and fertilization based on accurate aerial data. Boost productivity and cost-efficiency through data-driven farming practices.

Livestock Monitoring:

Monitor livestock health, behavior, and grazing patterns to detect issues early on. Improve livestock management, minimize manual labor, and ensure animal welfare. Streamline operations and maximize profitability in livestock farming.

Precision Farming:

Generate precise field maps for optimal planting, irrigation, and targeted spraying. Enable precise application of fertilizers and pesticides, reducing environmental impact. Enhance crop yield, conserve resources, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Discover the remarkable potential of drone technology in agriculture through Globhe's advanced platform. Harness valuable insights, optimize efficiency, and embrace sustainable practices for a prosperous future in agriculture.

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Impact: Monitor

Plant Health

The use of drones in the solar power industry is a good fit for planning, building, and maintaining solar panels and farms. Traditionally, satellite imagery is used for these measurements. Still, it is rarely accurate or recent enough to rely entirely on in comparison to a drone’s ability to provide instant fresh data. Once a solar power installation is completed, drones help maintain the panels by performing routine inspections to identify potential risks, damage, or faulty cells.

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Impact: UNCCD x Globhe

Together with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) Globhe's platform was instrumental in the project of capturing the drone data and locational data of land restoration projects in countries around the world, including China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana and Senegal.

Read the full Article on UNCCD website

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