How to maximize crop yield

Globhe's vast network of local drone operators in 131 countries help you maximize crop yields and understand your farms. Agriculture inspections has never been easier - all your drone data needs in one platform.

Maps produced by drones help in water management and irrigation optimization, crop counting, or infestation monitoring, as well as a tool to validate models and algorithms based on Earth observation by satellite data.  

Use cases

Crop count

Drone data makes crop counting easier than ever. Understand plant size, plot statistics and stand number, or compromised plots and planter skips.
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Plant status 

Understand crop height and vegetation leaf area. Easy anomaly detection and treatment efficiency, infestations detection, and data for phenology.
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Irrigation status

Understand irrigation damage status or plant water levels. Get data to monitor your irrigation status and planning. Reduce costs and save time.
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Impact: Monitor

Plant Health

The use of drones in the solar power industry is a good fit for planning, building, and maintaining solar panels and farms. Traditionally, satellite imagery is used for these measurements. Still, it is rarely accurate or recent enough to rely entirely on in comparison to a drone’s ability to provide instant fresh data. Once a solar power installation is completed, drones help maintain the panels by performing routine inspections to identify potential risks, damage, or faulty cells.

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Access over 6500 drone operators in 131 countries collecting high-resolution drone data.

Precision analytics easier than ever.

Maps produced by drones can be used to monitor and map extreme drought conditions, strictly linked to human-induced climate change, that cause streams, rivers, and soil to dry off.

They can also help in water management and irrigation optimization, as well as a tool to validate models and algorithms based on Earth observation by satellite data.  

Quicker scanning

Drones reduce scan time from days to hours. It is the environmentally friendly option compared to airplanes, helicopters, or satellites.

Increase safety

Drones reduce ground survey accidents by 100%, limiting workplace accidents to zero.

Real-time data

Get near real-time data from anywhere to speed up decisions and response.

View immersive data

Using your mouse or mobile device, can you identify and collect all the data points in the scene below?