Climate solutions

Through Globhe's marketplace you get global coverage. Send drone operators on missions within hours, and level up your climate action with accurate and actionable drone data. Right on time. Anywhere.

Monitor climate change over time, or work efficiently with natural disaster prevention and response globally—all through one platform.

Our experience encompasses a broad range of environmental protection, from natural disaster prevention and response and guiding relief efforts to wildlife monitoring and reforestation projects. Thanks to our network of carefully vetted and local drone operators anywhere, we can have experts flying missions for you within hours.

Solutions overview

Disaster managment

Knowing which areas are at risk is crucial for quick response time during a crisis. Quicken response time in flooding disasters, map high-risk areas, and search and rescue people in a catastrophe through our drone operators on standby.

Global health

Map malaria mosquito breeding sites, cholera-infected waters, and areas of health-hazardous waters. Prevent disease outbreaks before they spread, and make the right decisions in time. All in one platform.


Any kind of forestry project benefits from accurate mapping insights. Whether it is monitoring reforestation projects, wildfire prevention, or infestation management, Globhe is the way to go.


Food security and farming are in dire need of optimization efforts and drone data is the answer. Count crops, soil status, irrigate fields and determine plant status in a more sustainable way.

Wildlife conservation

Globhe’s mission is to create a better future for people and the planet. Accurate insights help create a harmonious relationship with wildlife and technology.

Unlock the full potential

Unlock the full potential of global drone data collection with Globhe's platform.

Our innovative solution enables clients to tap into a vast network of drone operators worldwide, all through a single platform.

By automating the process of drone data collection, we eliminate the manual task of individually ordering data from operators, saving time and resources. Scale your drone data collection efforts globally and benefit from streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and access to diverse expertise. Experience the power of centralized drone data management with Globhe.

Why Globhe?

Fast, reliable and truly global platform for drone data collection at scale

Easy orders

Our automated platform takes your drone data process to the next level with easy orders all in one place.

Scalable & standardized

Scale your drone data collection globally, our reach spans all continents, currently in 145 countries and counting.

Collaboration & sharing

Share data, preview, and collaborate directly in our platform or through our Mapbox integration.
Case study: Fighting malaria

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Research shows that drones sent out through Globhe provide insights reducing the time spent locating, monitoring, and managing existing and new larvae breeding sites.

Malaria is one of the top three causes of death in Malawi among children under five years old. Every year, malaria is estimated to cost Africa more than $12 billion us dollars.

"We had issues scaling data collection, but with the help of Globhe, we can now easily scale by outsourcing flights to local drone pilots" - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Flood plain map
Impact: Flood response

Flood Mapping Benin

In the recent decade, deadly floods ravaged the West African Republic of Benin, displacing thousands of people and destroying agricultural lands and infrastructure. Therefore, land-use planning must be based on precise and easy-to-acquire flood risk models. Drone data mapping is a robust, cheap, and reliable tool to provide such insights.

Ready to task a drone?

Get your data. Access 10,700+ local, professional and drone operators and service providers collecting your data where you need it. Currently covering 145 countries

Globhe endorsed by COP28

GLOBHE's Drone Data Marketplace has been recognized as one of COP28's top Actionistas, highlighting our dedication to building a better planet for all. Our marketplace leverages crowdsourced professional drone operators to drive transformative projects, showcasing our commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Visit the Official COP28 project page for GLOBHE here.

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