Digital twins from drones

Digital twins from drone data

There is a paradigm shift powered by drone-created digital twins, where greater detail is enhancing project planning, analysis, monitoring and decision-making.

Globhe's marketplace platform make data collection to build dynamic, accurate virtual replicas of physical assets easier than ever.

Order flow to get LiDAR drone data for Digital Twin creation for Smart City.


Globhe's marketplace ensures precise and comprehensive data capture for creating detailed, high quality digital twins.


Efficient Process in the Globhe platform streamlines data collection and reduces project timelines and costs.


Standardized costs throughout the world allows for greater cost control.

Wide sensor availability

Globhe's marketplace contains the sensors needed in the most remote places on earth - get the data you need to create digital twins anywhere on earth.

Technical expertise

We are experts on drone data, and can guide you throught the process to get it right, every time.

How it works

Data acquisition and modelling

Through Globhes platform, order data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with multi-sensor payloads, that most likely including LiDAR for high-precision measurements, RGB for detailed imagery, and thermal sensors for surface temperature analysis.

Advanced 3D Modeling by employing photogrammetry to convert aerial data into intricate three-dimensional digital models, accurately representing the physical assets. Also known as a Digital Twin.

Data Integration and analysis

Globhe is directly integrating with Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems and GIS systems through effective APIs, and send the models directly to our clients systems, that apply analytical algorithms to simulate asset performance, detect potential issues, and forecast maintenance requirements.

Dynamic update mechanism

Implementing periodic UAV flights to recapture and update the digital twin, ensuring it evolves in parallel with its physical counterpart, reflecting real-time conditions and changes.

AI-Enhanced Predictive Analytics Leverages artificial intelligence to analyze digital twin data, enabling proactive decision-making by predicting future performance and potential degradation patterns.

Digital twin of a Telecom Tower

Case studies

Client testimonial, vHive

Telecom tower inspection

By adopting Globhe's platform, vHive experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency, scaling it's operations to multiple countries saving up to 50% of the costs for data acquisition through saving weeks worth of work finding, managing and quality assure the local drone service provider.

"Through GLOBHE’s vast network of drone operators and fast turnaround, we have been able to move quickly and scale our operations globally, saving both time and money."
- Luke Bauer, Vendor Operations Manager - vHive

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