Disaster prevention

Globhe's marketplace for drone data on-demand, is ultra efficient for managing global disaster response and prevention.

Monitor climate change, enhance search and rescue operations, guide relief efforts, prevent floods, and map risk areas, all effortlessly facilitated through our platform, revolutionizing drone data collection.

Globhe's platform connects you to a crowd of over 11,000 ready-to-fly local & professional drone operators in over 146 countries.

"GLOBHE helps the United Nations strengthen natural disaster prevention and response."
United Nations,
Innovation Office New York
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Natural disasters & response

Maximize response time and reduce downtime. Knowing which areas are at risk is crucial for quick response time during a crisis. Monitoring and calculating damage risk preventatively save both lives and money.

Flood plain digital twin

Digital twins convert drone datasets from pictures to valuable insights that help decision-makers make strategic decisions and inventions, building better resilience against future floods and storms.

Sea level rise & groundwater

Mapping coastal erosion with drones gives you up-to-date datasets, higher resolution than other alternatives, and is cost-effective. Detailed 3D models and elevation maps help you predict and visualize the damage before it happens.

Search & rescue

Globhe's platform plays a vital role in supporting search and rescue after natural disasters. By utilizing drones, it provides real-time data, superior resolution, and cost-effectiveness. We have recorded response times from order to on-site personnel within less than 15 hours in very remote locations.

Globhe featured at COP28

GLOBHE's Drone Data Marketplace has been recognized as one of COP28's 50 Actionistas, highlighting our dedication to building a better planet for all. Our marketplace leverages crowdsourced professional drone operators to drive transformative projects, showcasing our commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Visit the Official COP28 project page for GLOBHE here.

Read the full post here

Globhe's long experience in disaster prevention & response

In 2023, drones have become indispensable tools in disaster management, revolutionizing the way we prepare for and respond to emergencies and natural disasters. With Globhe's  platform, you leverage the power of drones to capture real-time data and imagery, providing critical insights for effective disaster prevention and response strategies.

Enhance situational awareness

Our platform empowers you to deploy drones in disaster-prone areas, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment of potential threats. Up to 30% increase in early detection of disaster risks, allowing for proactive measures to minimize their impact.

Rapid damage assessment

By utilizing drone technology, you quickly and accurately assess the extent of damage caused by disasters. Reduce damage assessment time by as much as 50%, facilitating swift response and efficient allocation of resources.

Efficient resource management

With our platform, you optimize the deployment of emergency resources based on precise data and make up to 40% improvement in resource allocation efficiency, ensuring timely response and minimizing downtime.

Collaborative coordination

Streamline communication and coordination among stakeholders by leveraging our platform's data-sharing capabilities. Increase collaboration efficiency by enabling seamless information exchange for a well-coordinated disaster response.

Ready to revolutionize your disaster management approach? Contact us or sign up for our platform today and take a proactive step towards safeguarding your your community from the unpredictable challenges of disasters.


The future of flood mapping 2023

In the rapidly evolving field of flood mapping, drones have emerged as game-changers in gathering critical data. With Globhe's innovative platform, you can harness the power of drone technology to capture high-resolution imagery and real-time data, enabling accurate and up-to-date flood mapping in 2023 and beyond.

Gain insights into the latest advancements in flood mapping by downloading Globhe's comprehensive report, "The Future of Flood Mapping in 2023."

Discover how our platform can revolutionize your flood management strategies and drive informed decision-making to mitigate risks and protect communities. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve—download the report now!

Globhe's long experience in disaster prevention & response

With our long experience in drone related search and rescue missions. we put together a comprensive post on guidelines for Search & Rescue. If you need help setting up your own search & rescue capabilities, don't hesitate to reach out to Globhe for experience and global coverage.

Search & rescue guidelines in flooded areas

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