Environment protection solutions

Collect drone data to monitor climate change, forest monitoring or work efficiently with natural disaster prevention and response anywhere in the world. All through one single platform.

Globhe's platform connects you to a crowd of over 6500 local drone operators in over 130 countries.

We have experience in all fields of environmental protection, from natural disaster prevention and response, flooding prevention, guiding relief efforts and protect areas at risk, to wildlife monitoring and protection, and reforestation projects.

Benefits of drones
in environmental protection

We offer high-resolution elevation data, 2D orthomosaic maps, thermal maps, video inspection, or 3D structure models. We will select a local Crowddroning pilot with the experience and tools suitable for your project based on your needs. By ordering from Globhe, you will be supporting a local pilot with a gig and reducing the effect of climate change by using local resources instead of flying personnel and equipment to the site.

Quicker scanning

Drones can reduce scan time from days to hours. It is more environmentally friendly than Airplanes, Helicopters or Satellites.

Recurring image acquisition

By acquiring data at regular time intervals, drones can help monitor critical areas and analyze the risk factor over time

Environmentally friendly data acquisition

All drones are battery-driven and local drone operators are commissioned, there's limited travel pollution

Drone mapping in flood prevention

According to a report floods and droughts could cost the global economy $5.6 trillion by 2050. Find out how drone data can support reduce the risk.

Our Solution

We offer local drone operators in over 130 countries. This is key as our operators always know the local surrounding, culture and language. And, it is very environmentally friendly as we don't ship equipment around the globe, and we support the local economy by offering thousands of jobs.

We can provide drone data in a wide array of formats such as raw image files, 2D orthomosaic maps, high-resolution elevation maps, or detailed data insights. Explore all or product options here.

Once you sign up to your subscription here, and place your first order we will assign a Crowddroning pilot with the experience and tools suitable for your project based on your needs. By ordering from Crowddroning, you will support the local economy and limit the carbon footprint by using local resources.

2D Orthomosaic Map