Flood response & prevention by drones.

The sea levels are rising, putting coastal settlements at risk. Flood risk is increased by eroding coastlines and lack of preparedness. Accurate and actionable drone data is the first step to preventing flood disasters.

In the past year, we've seen catastrophic floods in many parts of the world, from Pakistan and South Korea to Uganda and California. The Pakistan floods left one-third of the country under water. According to a UNICEF analysis, almost 30 million children in 27 countries were impacted by flooding in 2022.

Drone data is the most effective way to perform flood mitigation and damage assessment. Our datasets reveal coastal erosion, create digital twins of structures at risk, and are essential to building global water resilience. By predicting damage, you can put in the necessary efforts at the right place at the right time. Saving billions of dollars and, more importantly, millions of lives.


Natural disasters
& response

Maximize response time and reduce downtime. Knowing which areas are at risk is crucial for quick response time during a crisis. Monitoring and calculating damage risk preventatively save both lives and money.
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Flood plain digital twin

Digital twins convert drone datasets from pictures to valuable insights that help decision-makers make strategic decisions and inventions, building better resilience against future floods and storms.
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Sea level rise & groundwater

Mapping coastal erosion with drones gives you up-to-date datasets, higher resolution than other alternatives, and is cost-effective. Detailed 3D models and elevation maps help you predict and visualize the damage before it happens.
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Flood plain map
Impact: Flood response

Flood Mapping Benin

In the recent decade, deadly floods ravaged the West African Republic of Benin, displacing thousands of people and destroying agricultural lands and infrastructure. Therefore, land-use planning must be based on precise and easy-to-acquire flood risk models. Drone data mapping is a robust, cheap, and reliable tool to provide such insights.

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Access over 6500 drone operators in 130 countries collecting high resolution drone data to prevent and respond to floods.

Benefits of drones
in floods

The images allow researchers to make assessments and analyze flood risks and preventive measures, instead of physically visiting the sites. Drone maps also give exact and updated visuals about the land in digital terrain models and orthomosaic maps to help prevent damages from floods.

Quicker scanning

Drones can reduce scan time from days to hours. It is more environmentally friendly than Airplanes, Helicopters or Satellites.

Increase safety

Drones reduce accidents and keep your contractors' lives safe while saving lives.

Real-time data

Get near real-time data from anywhere to speed up decisions and response