Globhe's platform is the ultimate solution for forestry clients. It is the go-to tool for obtaining real-time, high-resolution aerial information crucial for effective forest management, environmental monitoring, and optimizing forestry operations.

Our platform speed up projects by up to 80%, thanks to our ready-to-fly global coverage of drone operators. By utilizing skilled local drone operators, we minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for forestry.

Use cases in Forestry

Seamlessly monitor and manage your forest resources, track deforestation, and assess tree health with precision and efficiency. Revolutionize your forestry operations and make data-driven decisions that drive sustainable forest management. Experience the future of forestry with Globhe's platform.

Forest Inventory and Mapping:

Efficiently survey and map large forest areas, saving time and resources. Accurately estimate timber volume and tree species distribution for informed decision-making. Potential cost savings of up to 30% through optimized resource allocation and planning.

Deforestation Monitoring and Prevention:

Timely detection of illegal logging activities and encroachments, enabling swift intervention. Quantify deforestation rates and track changes over time for effective conservation efforts. Potential savings of millions in revenue by minimizing illegal logging and preserving valuable forest assets.

Tree Health Assessment:

Identify and monitor diseased or stressed trees for early intervention and targeted management. Quantify the extent of damage caused by pests, diseases, or environmental factors. Prevent losses of up to millions of dollars by proactively managing tree health and mitigating risks.

Globhe is a member of the World Geospatial Industry Council

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