Wildlife conservation

Globhe's platform is your ultimate solution for preserving wildlife. The sole platform you require to access real-time, high-resolution aerial data for wildlife conservation, habitat monitoring, and enhancing ecological services.

Our platform accelerates projects by 80%, thanks to our global network of skilled local drone operators. With ready-to-fly coverage worldwide, we minimize project delays and simplify data collection for wildlife conservation initiatives, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Use cases

Population Monitoring and Management:

Drones with advanced cameras and thermal imaging sensors enable accurate and efficient wildlife population monitoring. Insights gained from aerial data help make informed decisions to protect endangered species and their habitats.

Drones reduce monitoring costs by up to 50%, saving valuable time and resources for other conservation efforts.

Anti-Poaching Efforts:

Drones equipped with infrared cameras and sensors detect illegal activities in remote areas, such as poaching and habitat destruction. Real-time data allows for prompt responses, significantly reducing poaching incidents.

Conservation organizations report up to a 70% decrease in poaching, ensuring better protection for endangered species and their habitats.

Habitat Monitoring and Restoration:

Drones with multispectral or LiDAR sensors provide detailed imagery and topographical data for assessing wildlife habitats. This information helps identify areas for restoration or protection measures, enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. Drone-based habitat monitoring improves restoration efficiency by up to 80%, maximizing conservation outcomes.

Globhe provides a powerful tool in wildlife conservation, providing cost savings, reduced poaching incidents, and improved habitat restoration efficiency. By embracing our technology, we can elevate our efforts to protect and preserve our natural world.

Preventing conflict between humans and wildlife worldwide through drone data and AI

FLOX and GLOBHE, two impact Swedish startups, teamed up to prevent conflict between humans and wildlife worldwide. Access to wildlife data advances the field of wildlife monitoring and management. 

Through this partnership, FLOX, a startup focusing on helping humans and wildlife coexist in harmony, gets access to a broad range of wildlife data from the Crowddroning by GLOBHE platform. The SaaS platform connects thousands of drone operators worldwide.

This collaboration provides better insights on wildlife activity in various places of the world to stakeholders and decision-makers to prevent the increasing human-wildlife conflict in areas such as agriculture, forestry, and infrastructure.

“This is an example of what two impact-oriented startups can do once they join forces together. GLOBHE has built an impressive platform that connects drone pilots all over the world to gather Drone data at a fast pace. Through this collaboration, FLOX is able to build upon this data by effectively mapping out wildlife in certain locations and training our AI to better prevent the human-wildlife conflict”, says Sara Nozkova, CEO & Co-founder of FLOX.

Our platform makes it easier than ever to access local drone operators from anywhere in the world in a few clicks, gathering accurate and actionable drone data to make better decisions.

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