Renewable energy inspections.

The future of energy is renewable, and if the past few decades have been a race to find the most efficient energy source, the coming decades will be to implement and inspect them. 

Renewable energy sources such as; hydropower, wind turbines, and solar panel parks all need inspections and effective implementation. 

Drone data is the most effective way to monitor and ensure that these infrastructures work correctly and effectively. Drone inspections reveal damages to the solar panels and the turbine blades and ensure that repairs are carried out in the right place at the right time. 


Solar power inspections

Maximize energy production and reduce downtime. Drone data from inspections of solar panels spot cell defects, cell failure, dirt, interconnection failure, degradation.
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Wind turbine inspections

Wind turbine blade inspection anywhere.
Save time and inspect the blades safely with our crowd of local and experienced drone operators. Reduce maintenance costs, and discover defects in time.
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Electric utilities inspection

Power Line Inspections with drones is a safe, fast and reliable method for quickly assessing your grid status, reduce costs and save time. Helicopters are slow, expensive and pollute.
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Drone over solar
Impact: Solar panel inspection

Svea Solar

The use of drones in the solar power industry is a good fit for planning, building, and maintaining solar panels and farms. Traditionally, satellite imagery is used for these measurements. Still, it is rarely accurate or recent enough to rely entirely on in comparison to a drone’s ability to provide instant fresh data. Once a solar power installation is completed, drones help maintain the panels by performing routine inspections to identify potential risks, damage, or faulty cells.

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Benefits of drones
in energy

The images allow engineers to make digital visits and service maintenance assessments of solar parks possible instead of physically visiting the sites. Drone maps also give the project managers exact and updated visuals about the land where they plan to install solar panels. 

Quicker scanning

Drones can reduce scan time from days to hours. It is more environmentally friendly than Airplanes, Helicopters or Satellites.

Increase safety

Drones reduce fall accidents by 100% and help save the life of your contractors

Real-time data

Get near real-time data from anywhere to speed up decisions and response