Renewable energy

Globhe has long experience supporting renewable energy inspections, reducing costs for data acquisition by up to 80% and saving you days or even weeks of manual administration for drone data collection.

Our platform speed up response time thanks to our global coverage of local drone operators. Minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for renewable energy and grid inspections.

Solar photovoltaic inspections

Globhe collaborates with industry-leading partners for autonomous drone flights, processing, and analysis to deliver on the most demanding solar inspection projects.

We collect data in both the solar park building, as well as in production. Drone data from inspections of solar panels spot cell defects, cell failure, dirt, interconnection failure, and degradation.
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Wind turbine blade inspections

Wind turbine blade inspection anywhere. Save time managing scheduling, pricing and negotiating with drone operators. Inspect the blades safely with our crowd of local and experienced drone operators.

We partner with industry-leading organizations for autonomous drone inspections, processing, and analysis to deliver on the most demanding wind turbine inspection projects.
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Electric utility inspection

Globhe collaborates with industry-leading partners for autonomous drone flights, processing, and analysis to deliver on the most demanding grid inspection projects.

Power line inspections with drones are a safe, fast, and reliable method for quickly assessing your grid status, reducing costs, and saving time. The alternatives are slow, expensive, and emit CO2.
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Close up of a wind turbine blade from inspection

Wind turbine blade inspections

Globhe's platform connected with our industry expert partner, offering inspections of wind turbine blade inspections through drones and automated flights, give time savings on drone data collection, managing local drone service providers and quality control by as much as 50%.

It revolutionizes the process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy throughout maintenance stages. Through Globhe's platform, ordering and providing real-time, accurate data, and enhancing planning capabilities is a breeze. They effectively identify risks, damage, or faulty blades, ensuring optimal wind turbine performance today and tomorrow.

Read more about Globhe's work in inspecting Wind Turbine Blades here.

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