Infrastructure solutions

Globhe's automated platform with global coverage gives you accurate and actionable drone data. Monitor construction sites remotely, create digital twins of telecom towers or accurately determine assets worth—all through one platform.

Tap into the power of drone data with Globhe.

Globhe empower organizations in infrastructure to make better decisions, saving you up to 50% of the time spent in drone data collection.

Solutions overview

Renewable energy

Our platform handles any type of drone data collection for building and inspecting your renewable energy assets. From site assessments and planning to inspecting. Save up to 50% of the inspection time and save weeks of planning.

Smart city development

Globhe's platform functions as a critical tool in creating smart cities through collecting drone data from anywhere, empowering your decision making process. Utilize our automated platform to bring your city into the future. Save up to 90% in your urban planning application.


Using Globhe for your road and railroad infrastructure inspections is up to 55% faster than traditional methods, significantly reducing the time and effort required. Drones are the safest, fastest, and most reliable tool for quickly assessing railroad and road status, reducing costs, and saving time.


Optimize your telecom tower inspections and create digital twins of your towers through our platform. We have inspected thousands of telecom towers and have operators worldwide ready to fly.


Scale your drone inspections to multiple construction sites across cities, countries and continents, all through our platform. Get real-time visuals on ongoing projects and identify potential problems early.


Accurate property assessment, predict disaster damage in high-risk areas. Globhe's solution allows all team members to view and partake in the visuals in the browser, which is ideal for non-technical members of your team. 

Drone over solar
Case study: solar panel inspection

Svea Solar

Globhe is revolutionizing drone data collection. Drones are in turn revolutionary for the solar power industry and are applied in all stages of building and maintaining a solar panel farm. Satellite data is rarely recent or high-resolution enough to rely on entirely, whereas drones give you real-time, accurate, and actionable data that lets you plan. Once a solar power installation is completed, drones effectively perform to identify potential risks, damage, or faulty cells.

The future of drone data collection

Unlock the full potential of urban planning and development with Globhe's platform.

Our innovative technology allows our clients to effortlessly create digital twins of entire cities, revolutionizing how we analyze and interact with urban spaces.

We capture detailed data to construct accurate and realistic digital representations by leveraging GIS enablement sensors and mapping expertise. Digital twins empower urban planners, architects, and policymakers to make informed decisions, visualize various scenarios, and coordinate efforts effectively.

With scalability at its core, our platform caters to projects of any size, from individual buildings to expansive city landscapes over multiple continents.

Globhe is a member of the World Geospatial Industry Council

Why Globhe?

Fast, reliable and truly global platform for drone data collection at scale

Easy orders

Reduce the time you spend managing and ordering drone data. Globhe's automated platform takes your drone data process to the next level.

Scalable solution

Order from practically anywhere in the world (currently 137 countries and growing) in one single platform.

Collaboration & sharing

Collaborate with your teams and/or external stakeholders with ease. Share and view data directly in our platform, or share through Mapbox.

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