Infrastructure solutions

We do everything from asset inspection of wind turbines to electrical utilities, digital twins, and change detection.

Globhe’s crowd of local drone operators are flying missions daily to let organizations make better decisions.

Drone data helps organizations in infrastructure make better decisions, saving billions. If you’re wondering how GLOBHE can help you - contact us.

Benefits of drones
in infrastructure

For infrastructure, you can choose to get high-resolution elevation data, 2D orthomosaic maps, thermal maps, video inspection, or 3D structure models. We will select a local Crowddroning pilot with the experience and tools suitable for your project based on your needs. By ordering from Crowddroning, you will be helping a local pilot with a month worth of income and reducing the effect of climate change by using local resources instead of flying personnel and equipment to the site.

Quicker scanning

Drones can reduce scan time from days to hours. It is more environmentally friendly than Airplanes, Helicopters or Satellites.

Increase safety

Drones reduce fall accidents by 100% and help save the life of your contractors

Real-time data

Get near real-time data from anywhere to speed up decisions and response