Globhe's platform is your go-to platform for insurance related drone data collection.

Our platform speed up projects by up to 80%, thanks to our ready-to-fly global coverage of drone operators. By utilizing skilled local drone operators, we minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for insurers all over the world.

Benefits of Globhe for insurers

Enhanced efficiency and time savings

By leveraging Globhes' automated platform, insurers significantly reduce data collection time by up to 50%. Our platform streamlines data capture workflows, eliminating manual data entry and accelerating the process. This improved efficiency enables insurers to process claims faster, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

Improved data accuracy of 99.5% and data consistency

With Globhe, insurers achieve an impressive data accuracy rate of 99.5%, minimizing errors and discrepancies. Our platform integrates advanced data processing and real-time quality checks, ensuring data consistency. By leveraging accurate and reliable data, insurers make more informed decisions, resulting in better risk assessments and reduced claim losses.

Actionable insights and data analytics

Globhe enable insurers to uncover valuable insights from their collected data. Our platform integrate with most machine learning algorithms to identify data patterns, trends, and anomalies, which optimizes underwriting strategies, improve risk management practices, and drive growth.


Globhes offers insurance companies an automated platform for data collection, providing enhanced efficiency, improved data accuracy, and actionable insights. Insurers save time, ensure data consistency, and leverage advanced analytics to make informed decisions.

Top 3 use cases for drone data for the insurance industry

Property damage assessment

Inspecting properties and assessing damage after an incident is a time-consuming and costly process. With Globhe, insurers rapidly deploy drones to capture detailed imagery of affected areas, enabling quick and accurate damage assessments. This streamlines the claims process, reduces fraud, and helps policyholders get back on track faster.

Risk evaluation and underwriting

Accurate risk evaluation is the cornerstone of insurance underwriting. By utilizing drone data, insurers obtain a comprehensive view of properties, assess risks more accurately, and calculate premiums accordingly. The high-resolution imagery and 3D models provided by Globhe's platform enable insurers to evaluate risks associated with specific hazards, such as flood-prone areas or fire risks, enhancing underwriting precision.

Asset inspections

Insurance companies often need to inspect assets such as buildings, infrastructure, or agricultural land for risk assessment and coverage determination. We capture precise data about asset conditions, identify maintenance needs, and evaluate risks without the need for manual inspections, reducing costs and minimizing human error.


In summary, Globhes offers insurance companies an automated and safe platform for drone data collection, providing enhanced efficiency, mitigated risks, and actionable insights. With a myriad of benefits and quantifiable advantages, Globhe revolutionizes how insurance professionals collect data, enabling superior decision-making, faster claims processing, and optimized risk evaluation.

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