Smart cities

Globhe's platform is your go-to platform for drone data in smart city planning. The only platform you need for providing high-resolution aerial information for urban planning, infrastructure monitoring, and optimizing public services.

In a study conducted by the European Commission, drones were shown to provide time savings of up to 90% in urban planning applications, and now, tapping into drones anywhere is easier than ever. Globhe supplies a ready-to-fly global coverage of drone operators. Our platform connects you with skilled local drone operators. Minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for innovative city planning.

Smart city development

Globhe's drone collection platform, designed to empower smart city development initiatives, makes drone data collection and management easy.

Seamlessly integrate drones into your projects for aerial surveys, infrastructure inspections, and emergency response.

One platform. All the data.

As a trusted partner in providing innovative solutions to government organizations, our cutting-edge platform is designed for smart city development.

We harnesses the power of drones, GIS, and mapping technologies to deliver measurable benefits for governments. Let us explore how our solution can transform your city planning and development process to support your decision-making.

Enhanced Efficiency & Cost Savings

Save up to 80% in time and costs by reducing data collection time compared to traditional methods.

Accurate Geospatial Data

Improve data accuracy by up to 95%, minimizing errors and potential rework costs.

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Reduce project delays and cost overruns by up to 30% through real-time monitoring and issue identification.

Effective Resource Management

Increase resource utilization efficiency by up to 20%, optimizing infrastructure planning and reducing waste.

Seamless Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement

Enhance stakeholder satisfaction and collaboration efficiency, leading to increased project completion rates.

Globhe is a member of the World Geospatial Industry Council

Why Globhe?

Fast, reliable and truly global platform for drone data collection at scale

Easy orders

Reduce the time you spend managing and ordering drone data. Globhe's automated platform takes your drone data process to the next level.

Scalable solution

Order from practically anywhere in the world (currently 146 countries and growing) in one single platform.

Collaboration & sharing

Collaborate with your teams and/or external stakeholders with ease. Share and view data directly in our platform, or share through Mapbox.

Task a drone

Access over 11,000 drone operators in 146 countries collecting high-resolution drone data. Custom drone data on-demand at your fingertips.