Telecom tower inspections

Inspect and monitor your telecom towers anywhere on Earth with Globhe. We plug right into your favorite inspection software, get the data fast, easy and reliable.

Reduce your costs for on-site drone data acquisition by up to 80%, and save days or even weeks of manual administration for drone data collection.

Globhe's one-demand drone data marketplace speed up response time thanks to long expertise and global coverage of local, professional and carefully selected drone operators, always ready to get the data you need, monitor and inspect your assets effectively and safely.

By using professional local drone operators, we can be on your or your clients sites faster, speak the local language and meet even the hardest deadlines with the equipment you expect to deliver high quality digital twins. Minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for telecom tower inspections.

Platform agnostic

Globhe's marketplace collect your data through local, professional and experienced drone operator with the right drone as well as expertise, in drone data collection and project management.  

We are collaborating, and integrating with the major infrastructure and telecom tower inspection platforms and software companies.

For software vendors not already integrated with Globhe offerint drone data collection through API, please visit Globhe's developer pages to find out how you can integrate drone data collection in your platform.
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Telecom tower digital twins

Globhe's platform function independently or through most platforms and have built a robust API for integration into any workflow for drone data collection. Our professional operators are skilled in data capture and scale your digital twins and drone inspections process for telecom towes. Effectively monitoring your tower infrastructure and build virtual replicas enabling near-real-time analysis and predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Drones expedite safe and cost-effective inspections, enabling proactive issue identification for uninterrupted connectivity.

One platform. All the data.

As a trusted partner in providing drone data to telecom companies, our cutting-edge platform is designed for the telecom inspections anywhere on earth.

Our platform leverages the capabilities of drones, GIS, and mapping technologies to bring forth tangible advantages for telecom organizations. Let us delve into how our solution can revolutionize your decision-making process and contribute to the planning and development of your telecom network.

Enhanced Efficiency & Cost Savings

Save up to 80% in time and costs by reducing data collection time compared to traditional methods.

Accurate Geospatial Data

Improve data accuracy by up to 95%, minimizing errors and potential rework costs.

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Reduce project delays and cost overruns by up to 30% through real-time monitoring and issue identification.

Effective Resource Management

Increase resource utilization efficiency by up to 20%, optimizing infrastructure planning and reducing waste.

Seamless Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement

Enhance stakeholder satisfaction and collaboration efficiency, leading to increased project completion rates.

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Globhe is a member of the World Geospatial Industry Council

Client testimonial, vHive

Telecom tower inspection

By adopting Globhe's platform, vHive experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency, scaling it's operations to multiple countries saving up to 50% of the costs for data acquisition through saving weeks worth of work finding, managing and quality assure the local drone service provider.

"Through GLOBHE’s vast network of drone operators and fast turnaround, we have been able to move quickly and scale our operations globally, saving both time and money."
- Luke Bauer, Vendor Operations Manager - vHive

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