Globhe's platform help infrastructure projects in road and railroad manage drone data orders more effectively. Get real-time, high-resolution aerial data for planning, monitoring, and optimizing any project. Streamline development, improve maintenance, and enhance public services with our comprehensive platform.

Our platform speed up projects by up to 80%, thanks to our ready-to-fly global coverage of drone operators. By utilizing skilled local drone operators, we minimize downtime and remove the complexity of data collection for smart city projects.

Enhanced data collection efficiency

Efficient data collection

Globhe's automated drone data collection platform enables quick and efficient gathering of high-resolution aerial data over large areas, saving valuable time for projects in road and railroad infrastructure.

Streamlined data management 

Globhe supplies a centralized drone platform, simplifying data management, organization, and access, providing a unified system for managing data from multiple drone missions from anywhere.

Optimized mission planning

Our cutting edge drone platform offer tools for efficient mission planning, allowing you to define flights, optimize data capture parameters for maximum efficiency and plan your operations carefully and precise.

Automated data processing

Our platform automate data processing, generating orthomosaics, point clouds, and 3D models from collected data, providing actionable information in a shorter timeframe. This automation saves time and effort compared to manual data processing, allowing you to access actionable information quickly.

Why choose Globhe to collect your drone data?

Data analysis and visualization

Gain invaluable insights, detect patterns, and make data-driven decisions with our powerful tools. Visualize data on maps, 3D models, and interactive dashboards to assess and understand your transportation infrastructure. Trust Globhe for comprehensive data collection in transportation.

Collaboration and communication

Unify stakeholders, team members, and decision-makers through our collaborative platform. Effortlessly share data, annotations, and reports to enhance communication and teamwork in accessing drone data.

Data security and privacy

Rest assured with our top-notch data security measures. Encryption, access controls, and secure cloud storage protect your sensitive information, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding data privacy.

Scalability and flexibility

Our platform effortlessly scales to handle any data volume. Whether it's one drone flight or a long-term fleet operation, we accommodate your needs. Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and technologies for ultimate flexibility and interoperability.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with regulations and airspace restrictions using our platform's features. Benefit from no-fly zone alerts and flight log management, maintaining a safe and lawful operation with Globhe.

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